About OLP

One Liberty Properties, Inc. is a self-administered and self-managed real estate investment trust incorporated under the laws of Maryland in December 1982.

The primary business of the Company is to acquire, own and manage a geographically diversified portfolio of retail, industrial, office and other properties under long term leases. Substantially all of our leases are “net leases”, under which the tenant is responsible for real estate taxes, insurance and ordinary maintenance and repairs.

We acquired our portfolio of properties by balancing fundamental real estate analysis with tenant credit evaluation. Our analysis focuses on the value of a property, determined primarily by its location, use, and by local demographics. We also evaluate a tenant’s financial ability to meet operational needs and lease obligations. We believe that our emphasis on property value enables us to achieve better returns on our acquired properties and also enhances our ability to re-rent or dispose of a property on favorable terms upon the expiration or early termination of a lease. Consequently, we believe that the weighting of these factors in our analysis enables us to achieve attractive current returns with potential growth through contractual rent increases and property appreciation.